The Company Heirs

Boss lady:  “Is anyone else having a problem with their email?  I can’t get to mine.”

Me:  (having received an alert that Boss lady had changed her password) “Did you put in your new password?”

Boss lady:  “Oh, I didn’t realize that I needed to use the new password here if I changed it at home… do you know what I changed it to?”

Sometimes bankers walk into the office to hob knob.  I walked into the room while three visiting bankers were around the desk of the owner’s grandson.

Banker:  “I did some business with the original owner several years ago.  Are either of you related to him?”

Owner’s grandson:  “…..uh, no.”

Me:  “I’m not, but he is.  The owner is your grandfather.”

Owner’s grandson:  “Oh, yeah.  That’s right.”

Grandson:  “I finally figured out why the reports are wrong.  You messed up this check last month.”

Me:  “That was written during my vacation week.”


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