The Old Man Boss on a Busy Sidewalk

Old man boss:  “Isn’t it a nice day out here?  That reminds me… you know my daughter?  Not the one who works here, but the crazy one?  What’s her name again?”

Me:  “Well, there’s a loaded question hidden in there.  You’re talking about Sherry.”

Old man boss:  “Yeah, that’s the one.  She’s upset because some kids have been throwing bricks at her car.  Can you sue them for her?  That sounds like fun to me.  Won’t that be a good time?”

Me:  “No.”

Old man boss:  “Yeah, that’s it, find a lawyer and go after them.  She said she called the cops but they didn’t do anything.”

Me:  “Let’s be honest.  We’ve all wanted to throw bricks at her or her car at some point in time.”

Old man boss:  “True, true, she drives me and her mother bananas, but…. STOP SWEARING AT ME!”

A group of young women passing us on the sidewalk all turn and glare at me.

Me:  “….um, what the crap was that?!  I wasn’t swearing at you!”

Old man boss:  (giggling)  “I know, but now they think you were.”


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